Esoteric Philosopher: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

Red Caps and Sect Worship

The Alice Leighton Cleather Basil Crump 1929 attack on Theosophy
Teaching planned by Hierarchy
No further messenger until 1975
Mother of the World
Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
Pre Adamic Satanic Races
The Golden Wheel Head Centre
Shigatse and Tda-shi-Hlumpo Monastery
The Forbidden City
Red Caps and Sect Worship
Five India's
The Lotus Sleep
Entrenched with Debt
Cosmic Etheric Vision and Septenary Clairvoyance
HPB: The Hierarchial Link
The Ocean of Reasoning: Tsong Khapa
The Essence of True Eloquence: Tsong khapa
A Golden Lotus Sutra
Three buddhic vestures, three human vehicles.
The Source Measure 43
Third sub plane of the Fifth manasic plane
Initiations and Atomic Matter
Telepathic/Etheric Transmission
Divine Light of the Cosmic Atom
Book of Imperfections
Magnetic power of Master
Formula of Creative Combinations
Golden Rays of the Sun
Radiation of the Master
Etheric plane vibrational frequencies
Cosmic Physical plane vibrational frequencies
Formula of Karmic Mass: Km = mdlc²
Differentiated Molecules
Light and Matter United
The 49/I/6 VIOLET/White/Red
Hiawatha: Line of the Red Ray
Zionist Movement: The seperating door
A stand against Soviet Communism
"the central triangle at the heart"
The Race for the Atom Bomb
The Zionist Question Today
Age Of Aquarius @ 1945
Failure to register adequate dynamic incentives
First Ray Magnetic Corruption
Sevenfold Intent to Destroy
Higher and Lower Ray expressions as used by the White and Black Lodges
The Black Master
The Horoscope, Invalid Upon Liberation
Fenian Dynamiters The Clan na Gael
The Fourth Fundamental of the Ageless Wisdom
The Dark Star, Carbonic Gas and the Global Atmosphere
The Jurassic Period and the Lords of the Flame
Manifestation, Withdrawal And Externalization Of Hierarchy
Significance of the year 1945
The Divine Avatars Maitreya Christ, Maitreya Buddha.
A "culture of respect."
Age Of Aquarius & The Years 1900, 1945, and 2035.
Ida, Pingala, and the Central Sushumna.
Fervid Gold And Gold Fever
Colonel H. S. Olcott And Abraham Lincoln
Colonel H. S. Olcott
The Red Rajputs And The Moryan Dynasty
Ozone And Climatic Conditions On Earth
Clouds the Atmosphere and Meteoric Dust
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
"Four Requirements" Refinement of the physical body is an Essential
The Freedom Of The Seven Solar Systems
Shining Face and Alkaid: A minor constellation. One of the Seven.
The Leading Great Rishi and Pleiad, Alkaid And Alcylone
The Law of Solar Union and The Cycle Of Sunship
Seven Rishis, Seven Timekeepers
The 'Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force'
Mars: Karttikeya. Agnibhu "fire born."
August Neptune: Arisen over the Horizon
Earth Base, reproduction of third un-named scheme.
Thomas Alva Edison
J.W. Keely, un-conscious Occultist. A "natural-born magician."
Keely, Edison and Tesla.
J.W. Keely and the Vril
Sedna and Xena
The Christ in the KH Letters
Earth Kundilini Base Scheme, Eventual Heart Triangle
Eire : Ireland
Tara And The Druids
Sisera and the Battle Of Megiddo
Root - Sub Races
Rays And Jewels
The Dark Ones
Cycles of Pralaya and the Rise to Sunship in future Kalpas
The Divine Circulatory Flow of the Cosmic Mother/Love
Obsession And Behavioural Problems
Vaisyas and Sudras shall tread the highest path
The School for Warriors
The School of Beneficent Magicians
The Schools of Aspiration and Painful Endeavor
Earth Mercury Anguish Aspiration
"mass intellectual wrong emphasis"
Magnetism, Radiation, Attraction and Repulsion
Austerity And Sternness
The Way of Resistance To Evil
Light or Darkness?
The Five Kumaras Of Manasic Energy
Four Kumaras: The Holy Four
The Ancient Of Days And William Blake
Plato: The Great Thinker
The Blood
Criminality: A Psychic Disease
Labor: a battle with chaos
H.P.B. And The Battle Of Mentana
Fohat, Para-Fohat, Pan-Fohat!
Treason And The Traitor
Jesus/Joshua, Appollonius, Origen.
Bruce Lee: The Worrier Within. The Art of the Soul.
Opinion, from Latin opnr, to think.
Mars: Her Descher. The Red One.
Mt. Everest
The Year 1952
The Year 1936
Poles Of Light And Darkness
Zero Ray
Diamonds Are Forever
Respiration, Prana, Breath, Ozone:
"racial purity"
Intoxicants and Narcotics
The Chohan Hilarion: The Annunciator!
Henry Lewis Stimson
Cosmic Dust
Egypt, Chemi, Kham.
The United States: Banner Of Light Against Totalitarianism
John Law: Corrupt Scottish Financier
New Orleans: Seven Brothers of the Blood
Black Holes@Zero Points, Laya Centers and Gravitation
The Vitrified Forts of Scotland
7x7=49 degrees of the Negative pole and of the Positive pole.
Teachings on the Third Reich
Tamas and Teros
Arhat, Adept, Chohan.
Hatha Yoga
Port Said (bûr sacîd)
Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton. Lord Lytton.
A Christian reflection On the New Age
T. Subba Rao
Hitlers Indian Army
Winston Churchill
Otto von Bismarck and the Realm of the Holy Roman Empire
William Q. Judge
Lord Ripon Governor-General Viceroy of India and Grand Master Mason
Venus, Light Bearer To Earth:
Great Britain/Prydian and Llyn-llion/Lyonness
Gaza Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Benjamin Disraeli 'Beaconsfield' 1st Earl of
Telepathic Discourse and the Amanuensis
Napolean The Great
The Pancreas
The Spleen, Organ Of Solar Prana
Kashmere: Brahman Mahatma Of the Lunar Race.
The Roman Empire

Amidst populations deeply steeped in Sorcery the attempt proved a failure; and it was not until the School of the "Doctrine of the Heart" had merged with its predecessor, established ages earlier on the slope facing Western Tibet, that Buddhism was finally engrafted, with its two distinct Schools" the Esoteric and the exoteric divisions" in the land of the Bhon-pa. SD3 423.

JC: Tsong khapa and the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism "Yellow Caps," was formed to counter the degenerated practices of the dark brothers, "Red Caps" which was the foreseen problem of all the great teachers such as the Buddha, Christ, the Chohans and Masters. This was indicated by the Buddha in relation to Buddhism. Lord Tsong Khapa is the "founder of the secret School near Tji-gad-je, attached to the private retreat of the Teshu Lama" and "the reformer of esoteric as well as of vulgar Lamaism”.

Firstly we might consider that Lord Tsong Khapa was the great reformer of the Buddhist orders and enforced the rite of celibacy upon its Lamas and monks. They were known as the "Yellow Hats". Why celibacy was a rule of this order is clear if we recall that necromancy was a common practice of the Black Hat and Red Hat Dugpas. Sexual perversion and much degraded tantric practices were not only common, but were the basis of ascertaining tantric visions and dream like states of awareness commonly, though wrongly, described as spiritual samadhi. Graveyards were the natural haunts of the debased indigenous monks with the dead being the means to the ends of their disgraceful practises. It was therefore imperative that celibacy became a part of the new order brought by the great reformer Tsong Khapa, and precisely why Helena Blavatsky said that he "strictly forbade necromancy" and its "most disgusting rites".

"Blavatsky, like other writers of the time, referred to all three of the "red hat" orders as Dugpas. So with further errors. There is no evidence that Tsongkhapa "forbade necromancy," Tsongkhapa and the Teachings of the Wisdom Tradition as stated by Markham and repeated by Blavatsky, or even that necromancy was then practiced in Tibet, with or without "the most disgusting rites." Eastern Tradition Research Institute. 2008. David Reigle.

"Tsong khapa strictly forbade necromancy. This led to a split amongst the Lamas, and the malcontents allied themselves with the aboriginal Bhons against the reformed Lamaism". SD3 409.

"It was because, among other reforms, Tsong-Kha-Pa forbade necromancy (which is practiced to this day with the most disgusting rites by the Bons—the aborigines of Tibet—with whom the Red Caps, or Shammars, had always fraternized), that the latter resisted his authority." HPB. C.W, iv, 12.

JC: The Red caps were referred to by HPB as "shammers". This is reference to their ancient practice of Shamanism with its animalist rites and obsessions. These rites and practices belong to the Dugpa Church of Bhutan which is a part of the ancient Kar-gyu-pa or karma-pa sect. Their teachings lead to achieving samahdi through their sorcery and degraded practices which were not a true samhadi or state of spiritual bliss but one of entrance into a low realm of avitchi or hell. They gave up their bodies in their state of frenzied dance, divine madness and discordant rhythm in order to possess the bodies of animals or to be possessed by some form of demon or un-holy entity, to carry out their evil ends Such was the ignorance of the Bon pas or deluded oriental dugpas, brothers of darkness. Chohan KH states in the 1880's... "In Thibet the followers of the right hand path, Gya-dugpas, yellow caps; black dugpas, red caps." Clearly the red caps are the black dugpas of the left hand path of ignorance, and most clearly the yellow caps are the Gya-dugpas of the right hand path of spiritual evolution. He refers to all the orders of monks as Dugpas with the distinction of Gya-dugpas given to the yellow hats of Lord Tsong Khapa, the school of "high morality" and "virtuous order" which HPB sites as the Gelugpas. It is this school of the "Good Doctrine" which was eventually grafted directly into the schools of the red caps which after repeated attempts began to successfully convert the 'Shammers, Böns and Red Hats' from degraded practice to the law of celibacy, high morality, Buddhist discipline and the "graded path" of Lam Rim.

The Introduction of Buddhism into Tibet - The Sage had perceived the dangers ever since he had entered upon Thonglam ("the Path of seeing," or clairvoyance).

Amidst populations deeply steeped in Sorcery the attempt proved a failure; and it was not until the School of the "Doctrine of the Heart" had merged with its predecessor, established ages earlier on the slope facing Western Tibet, that Buddhism was finally engrafted, with its two distinct Schools" the Esoteric and the exoteric divisions" in the land of the Bhon-pa. SD3 423.

True, in India, alongside the unsurpassed height of philosophical thought and spiritual purity, one may encounter the most disgusting expressions of various demoniac cults and animalistic obsessions, including the most abominable necromancy. There exists a sect, the followers of which feed on the brains of corpses. One may meet them in the cemeteries on a moonlit night occupied with their abominable task; where the Light is brightest, darkness is blackest. LHRII 490.

The Red Capped Brothers of the Shadow... The Red-Caps on earth whose evil results we try to palliate but whose work we have no right to meddle with so long as they do not cross our path. Mahatma Letters.

The Bhons or Dugpas, the sect of the "Red Caps," are regarded as the most versed in sorcery. They inhabit Western and little Tibet and Bhutan. They are all Tantrikas. It is quite ridiculous to find Orientalists who have visited the borderlands of Tibet, such as Schlagintweit and others, confusing the rites and disgusting practices of these with the religious beliefs of the Eastern Lamas, the "Yellow Caps," and their Narjols or holy men. Voice Of The Silence. HPB.

Bhutan was inhabited as early as 2000 BCE, although there are no existing records from that time. Historians have theorized that the state of Lhomon (literally, "southern darkness", a reference to the indigenous Mon religion), or Monyul ("Dark Land", a reference to the Monpa, the aboriginal peoples of Bhutan) may have existed between 500 BCE and 600 CE.[3] The names Lhomon Tsendenjong (Sandalwood Country), and Lhomon Khashi, or Southern Mon (country of four approaches), have been found in ancient Bhutanese and Tibetan chronicles. 1. Dugpas (also called members of The Dugpa Church of Bhutan, or the Red Cap sect); are a group of mainly Eastern Tibetan monks, or sorcerers focusing principaly on the left-hand path traditions and various Tantric practices of Buddhism.

They became active in fourteenth century, and were considered hedonists by many.

2. In addition to the order found in Bhutan, there are solo practitioners, of some form of the Dugpa tradition, within North America. Wikipedia.

The Bhons or Dugpas, however, having appropriated the symbol, misuse it for purposes of Black Magic. With the "Yellow Caps," or Gelugpas, it is a symbol of power, as the Cross is with the Christians, while it is in no way more "superstitious." With the Dugpas, it is like the double triangle reversed, the sign of sorcery. Voice Of The Silence. HPB.



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